Segonzano’s pyramids

The pyramids of Segonzano (omen in the local dialect, “men”) are the pyramids of land located near the village of Segonzano, dell’Avisio the valley in Trentino.

The formations, some of which reach 20 meters in height, are geologically of very recent origin: formed about 50,000 years ago, the combined actions of erosion by water leaching on a moraine deposits left by the languages ​​of the Quaternary glaciers.

Their composition is very special: it is a conglomerate of small pebbles and earth, of different origins and different caliber, hardened and hardened to have a certain size, but easily eroded by the runoff of rainwater. On top of this moraine deposit has settled an avalanche of boulders of porphyry, which are primarily responsible for training: under the weight of the boulder, in fact, the cluster is more compact earthy, as well as what the rock, usually by square-shaped and slightly tilted, almost makes a hat and fix the underlying soil from erosion of the rain.

My article (in italian):

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13 thoughts on “Segonzano’s pyramids

  1. This type of formation is known as a hoodoo or goblin, geologically … fanciful names for fanciful formations. They occur in many places in North America, and some also in South America. There are some famous ones in Cappadocia, but this is the first I've heard of them in Italy. These look to be excellent specimens.

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